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Adoption Process

Firstly we ask our families to make contact via our contact page. If you are a New Zealand family you will enquire via our pet puppy national contact details on form 1. If you are in New Zealand and interested in our Therapy Programme or training you will need to enquire on form number 2. If you are International and interested in adopting a puppy or interested in the Therapy Programme or training please fill in contact form 3.


We will then get back to you with our information and once a deposit has been placed, we then wait for a litter to arrive that suits your preferences that you advise us once it is your turn on the waiting list.

As you can imagine breeding animals can have its unpredictive situations and on occasion litters can not go to plan or even not arrive. 


It is our policy not to interfere with the girls and their pregnancies unless we see a problem that may require medical attention or anything along those lines. We do not x-ray or scan to confirm pregnancies so it helps to minimalise the likelihood of hurting a young baby or the mother. This means we do have occasions where we do not end up with puppies and the mother may have had a phantom pregnancy or does not produce puppies.


We believe it is important to point out to families that we are breeding live babies and sometimes things may change that can disappoint everyone involved but hope this is only on rare occasions etc.


After 6 weeks of age all going to plan your puppy will be offered to you, this is once it has had all relevant health testing completed. The puppy would have received a comprehensive health check, be micro-chipped, 1st puppy vaccination given, de-sexed, fully weaned and eating solids, wormed every 2 weeks , had flea treatment and ready for its new family.


We will only allow families to adopt puppies who have completed these steps and under no circumstances will we allow a puppy to leave us here at Kiwi Pride unless these requirements have been completed.


De-sexing our pet puppies at a early age has been done now since 2002 and has been a hugely successful undertaking thus ensuring we are only breeding to waiting lists and not helping to contribute to unwanted litters and puppies outside of our control. If you are unhappy with our stance on de-sexing puppies at a young age please consider adopting a different breed of dog as we will only release de-sexed pet puppies.


Puppies can be shipped nationally and internationally and are given appropriate crate training several days prior to traveling to help alleviate stress on the puppy.



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