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Kiwi Pride Labradoodles- Our Story

Established in 2002 after a move to our beautiful 40 acre farmlet in rural Tauranga Bay Of Plenty area , Kiwi Pride was slowly developed over many years, first starting with foundation breeds like pedigree Labrador Retrievers and different sized poodles , we concentrated on importing fresh new lines from Australia who were already multi generation and slowly created our own Kiwi Pride lines while infusing these already established lines, ensuring health and temperament was our number 1 priority. 


Our beautiful dood's enjoy an outdoor lifestyle during the day, playing in a purpose built dog park with many activities to enjoy and they get to listen to the song of native birds in the tree's around us.

We are a family run breeding facility that has grown in reputation and integrity over the last 17 years. We fully adhere to the full health testing of all of our breeding dogs in our program and will only breed with dogs with low hip/elbow scores minimizing the risks of passing on genetic problems to their offspring.

While also testing via DNA for retinal atrophy to prevent blindness disease carrying through our lines. ( along with upto 23 other labradoodle related diseases being tested for and cleared) Being from a veterinary nursing background the health and temperment of our dogs is paramount and our veterinarians of many years fully support our work and highly recommend us.

We have members of staff who help in enrichment programs for our puppies, mums and dads and we offer a therapy programme, training packages and our re-homing program.

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