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Adult Labradoodles For Re-homing


Kiwi Pride re-homes its female breeding dogs after a short breeding career, we also re-home our studs at different ages as well and this enables them to be all placed in their very own special forever homes. 


When we retire a Kiwi Pride mum we de-sex them first and then run them through a homing programme, we do not expect them to adjust to their lives from the freedom of the farm to a residential environment straight off so we have designed a adjustment programme with an off site dog trainer who gets them ready for their new lives one on one.


By doing a purpose designed training programme it has ensured the success of our re-homing programme and many families enjoy an older adult dog who is slightly more mature than a young puppy etc.

If your interested in one of our retired adults then please contact us at and keep an eye on our Facebook page for posts about available adults for re-homing. Please note that families must live in the North Island only and willing to drive to Tauranga.

The photos below are some of our gorgeous adults who have been re-homed.


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