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How to get a Kiwi Pride Puppy

Please send in an application from our contact us page to register your interest and our office will keep your details and you will be notified once we can issue you a deposit invoice.


To ensure we can breed forward with confidence you will be requested to pay a $350 non-refundable deposit in order to be placed on our waiting list as a committed family ready to adopt one of our special babies . This gives us confidence we have a family for each of our precious babies and we are not breeding indiscriminately and having puppies without families, so if you do pay a deposit be sure you are ready to receive a baby when you are offered one .

* Please note if you pay a deposit it is non-refundable and a show of commitment, if you change your mind, get a puppy from another breeder or no longer want a puppy the deposit is not refundable based on the commitment we ensure each of our families has before they pay the deposit so we can breed with confidence.


Thanks the team @ Kiwi Pride

Gaga puppies 4 weeks.jpg

Some of our previous cute puppies

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