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Kia Ora


New Zealand

From Left to Right: Kirsty and Celebrity, Andrew and Vogue, Shannon and Peanut, Jody and Grace, Yazzmine and Cherish, Aliesha and Ga Ga. 

Kiwi Pride Australian Labradoodles was first established in 2002, since then we have worked very hard to develop a breeding program based on integrity and breeding excellence. The true  Australian Labradoodle is not simply a Poodle x Labrador, it is a purpose bred dog that we and other dedicated breeders have developed over many generations to create a genetically sound and wonderfully natured dog that can be used for service and therapy work, as well as being very fun loving loyal family pets.

The Australian Labradoodle has taken the world by storm and has become very popular worldwide because of its non- shedding coat and allergy friendly attributes, along with its wonderful intelligent easily trained family friendly nature, varying coat colors and different sizes. 

It is so very important that breeders like ourselves take care in what we do to protect the breed from being bred into a corner and to keep the attributes and health sound and true to its breed standard as was set by the Australian founders in the late 80's. We have carefully developed new kiwi pride lines to add to the gene pool to keep the genetics strong and to help keep the gene pool diverse.

Kiwi Pride Australian Labradoodles is based on a very beautiful family run farm were our dogs get to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle and the clean green fresh air that New Zealand has to offer. 

We strongly adhere to the health testing of all our dogs in our breeding program and are veterinary recommended because of our commitment to only breed healthy dogs. 

We believe it is a privilege to breed not a right, so we only breed to waiting lists and will not breed females should the demand not warrant it..


From our conception in 2002 no one could have told us the popularity that would arise from the reaction from families and friends around the country/world who have adopted one of our special dogs. This has meant the demand for our dogs has grown and at times we struggle to keep up with the amount of families wanting a dood from us, it is a very humbling experience to have helped develop a breed which ticks so many boxes for so many families!

Please enjoy our website and don't hesitate to contact us for further information.. 

All our best from the team at    
Kiwi Pride.

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