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Our Kiwi - "Celebrity"

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We can not start this page without heading it with our very own Kiwi Celebrity, without whom our international breeding program would not have ever been as successful as it is today!


With an absolutely bomb proof service dog nature, this girl has grown up with the Kiwi Pride human family and stolen all of our hearts and continues to be the best canine companion we could ever wish for.


Celebrity has contributed to our breeding program with some stunning litters in the past but is now de-sexed and living out her life with us at Kiwi Pride.


Celebrity has been taken to school, dressed up by the kids, used as a mother to any waif or stray and can be hugely depended on for a mature dog who house trains young ones and allows them to snuggle up at night in her own bed.


Over the years Celebrity has enjured colour makeovers, new hairstyles and fashions so her human mum can use a star model to try new things out on!


This girl is a friend to anyone human or animal and is a stunning example of a truly beautiful natured Australian Labradoodle.


We are truly blessed to have her at our sides and in our hearts on a daily basis!

Kruz - "Lifesaver of the year!"

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We have recently been told by this special dog's owner that Kruz has not only saved her life once but now twice!

Kruz's owner suffers from a heart condition and is confined to a mobility scooter.  Kruz was adopted from us a little over 2 years ago and has been a constant companion for his owner and has instinctively brought her things she needed without needing training as such, he just knows!

Recently Kruz was playing ball with his human dad on the back lawn and suddenly left the lawn and arrived into his mum's room and leapt onto her bed, unknown to his human mum she was experiencing a medical emergency and was in the early stages of a heart attack.


Kruz started to lick his human mum all over to try to warn her something was happening to her but he was unable to make her respond so he headed outdoors to his dad on the back lawn and brought him back inside so he could attend to his mum and ring an ambulance.

His owners say he has now done this twice and has literally saved her life twice, they are so terribly grateful to own a dood like Kruz that they recently visited us to thank us for such a wonderful caring friend!       



The Marvelous "Mr Ted"

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The absolutely adorable Mr Ted!


If ever there was a water baby this boy is it! If he could talk and ask his mum and dad one thing that would be to go to the lake every day!


Ted is a remarkable swimmer and his mum and dad have recently had to get a life jacket for him so they know he is safe as he starts off swimming and sometimes keeps going!!! 


Jet Ski's no problem if he had fingers he would drive if he could, but he is happy that he is part of the family and gets to join in with family ski sessions at the lake!


This family tell me their life is so full with Ted's antics that they don't know how they got on before he came into their lives!


A special doodle this one!

One Of A Kind - "Lilly"

Lilly is a one of a kind labradoodle, she is possibly one of the kindest natured labradoodles we know!


She is a happy happy dog and doesn't mind where she goes or what she does as long as there is some ball action at the end of the day!


Lilly comes from some of our very own labrador lines and we are thrilled to see some genuine good natured kiwi pride breeding doing what it should!


On this occasion Lilly was on holiday with us and we took a couple of doods up to the local childrens ward with some goody bags, the kids loved it and it made their day!



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Boston And Dublin - "Great Mates!"

We have followed these two boys for quite a few years now and they are quite the famous pair in their local community.


They started off nearly at the top of the north island and now reside in the deep south!


Their parents are extremely smitten with these two boys and enjoy their companionship and loyalty every day.


This beautiful pair are the best of friends and deserve a mention on our special dood's page that is for sure!

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