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Meet the Team

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Jody - Breeder and Owner

Jody is the creator and owner of Kiwi Pride Australian Labradoodles. 18 years ago she started her quest to help families , her vet had asked her if she would have a look at breeding her pedigree Labrador Retrievers to poodles to create a non shedding and allergy friendly breed ,  the vet had a client who was struggling to find a suitable breed of dog for her medical conditions, so after a lot of research Jody decided to try one litter to see what the puppies would be like , they immediately showed more vigor and  were generally much more alert and easier to raise than Labrador puppies,  so this began the quest to import into  New Zealand multi generation dogs already proven for their  beautiful natures, non shedding coats and allergy friendly attributes . The only reason Jody would continue to breed would be only if all dogs within her programme are firstly health checked, x-ray scored for hip and elbow breeding suitability and  males dna tested  to ensure the integrity of the programme and to help minimize health issues occurring with the offspring. A pledge and a contractual obligation by all other breeders we deal with has meant each and every puppy is de-sexed ( unless kept for breeding ) prior to leaving our premises. This we have upheld from our inception with huge success and has meant a very small amount of our puppies are needed to be re-homed during adolescence.

Paige - Office Administrator and Kennel Manager

Paige runs our office admin she communicates with all the families, organises vet visits, puppy adoptions, flights and generally keeps us all organised. Paige is a qualified vet nurse and comes with extensive animal care knowledge, she is an asset to our program and we are extremely grateful to have her on staff!

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