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The following colours are based on our own breeding programme and may differ from other breeding programs or breed association guidelines. Therefore we strongly recommend that prior to adopting a puppy from us you are happy with how we represent the breed and what we use as our breeding guidelines for colours etc.

Chalk - Ice Caramel

The coat is a off white colour. Pigment black or rose.


The coat is cream colour over body, often gold ears. Pigment black or rose.


The coat is light golden colour over body and ears.  Nose pigment black.


The coat is darker golden over body and ears, nose pigment rose (chocolate - brown).


The coat is chocolate (brown)  over entire body including nose pigment and eyes. Some fading is expected.


The dogs coat starts off chocolate and fades over several months to a milky coffee colour. Often born with a lighter brown face. Pigment colour rose (chocolate - brown).


The coat is darker than gold and similar to the inside of a ripe peach. Pigment colour black or rose. 


The coat is a dark copper to dark ginger in colour. The pigment can be black or rose.


The coat is made up of two colours with white always being present. Patched dogs with two colours reminisant of a fresian cow. White with chocolate, black, gold or cream.

Tuxedo - White Markings

A solid base colour with white markings, on face, chin, chest and often feet. Some are often classed as "Solid with white Markings" and others have a full white nose and white on the head, commonly called "Tuxedo".


The coat is made up of two colours with one more solid with lighter shade patches around eyes, muzzle, chest, legs and under tail. Pigment colour either black - rose.


The coat is a solid black colour. Nose pigment black. Some Kiwi Pride dogs have chocolate ancestory and may have chocolate patched legs and some black dogs can turn licourice colour over time.

Multi Pattern

A combination of different colour patterns, brindle, phantom, parti and often with white patches. Very rare for Kiwi Pride Colours.

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