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       Hawkridge Doodle Retreat


                  Kiwi Pride's very own doodle retreat located off site but only a short drive away

                and close enough for daily visits and fun!

           "Launching Nov 1 2017"




Have you ever worried about your doodle friend going to a kennel or being left somewhere that they are not familiar?  We believe the dood’s we breed are extremely special parts of the family and the best place for them is a homestay were people around them who love the breed can understand their needs and wants leaving their human family happy to leave them while they are away .


This does often mean a 4-doggy sleeping doodle pile on top of a human watching telly but hey whatever needs to happen!


This retreat is only boutique and is a live-in doodle homestay based in rural Tauranga with our wonderful very experienced guide dog trainer "Wendy" who will only be hosting very limited numbers of our Kiwi Pride labradoodles in her home. ( Plus any other breed canine family members if you want them to stay together etc) 


This retreat is for either short or long-term stays, either while their families are away on holiday or business , training or for just hanging out for a fun weekend. Pickup from central Tauranga also an option.


The Doodle retreat can also be for on-going training or support if you are having trouble in any aspects of your doodles life whether it be basic commands, manners or more advanced training for specific needs then have a think about a stint at our doodle retreat for your furry friend where we have a fully certified guide dog trainer with 30+ years’ experience dealing with all breeds of dogs and their training needs.


Just select from the drop-down menu below for your desired booking plan ( their are 5 bookings at any one time available), your dates required and head to the checkout to confirm, any specialist training not listed on the next booking screen or any questions you might have please send us an email so we can help to figure out a homestay that would suite your fur baby’s needs.


IF you have two doodles please email us for a discount coupon so that you can receive a reduced rate for two - 

You will also notice we have used a hotel booking system which shows as booking in one adult , unfortunately they didn't have a setting for writing in doodle haha .


"All prices are quoted GST inclusive"

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