Our Facility

Our Facility consists of a large total span shed and a very large amount of land outside.

The building is split into a few different sections; our Whelping room, for new Mum's, our graduate pens which are for puppies aged 4-8 weeks, and then our puppy pens for puppies age 6-16 weeks.

We then have a dedicated area inside for the dogs to sleep in at night in their groups.

The office and grooming room are the last rooms in our wonderful facility.

Our grooming room consists of a large grooming wash tub, a grooming salon quality air drier, a grooming table and our fridge, washing machine and cupboards. This is where we complete our grooms and baths for all of our dood's.


In the day time the dood's get to frolick in large outdoor paddocks with purpose built doggy houses, toys for Africa and water/shade available all day.


We also enjoy taking our puppies outside in their specific areas for a run around in the grass and some training!


We are a full quarantine zone, meaning that we do not allow visitors and are unable to take dood's on and off the property, due to the risk of diseases and different things being brought into or back to the property then risking the health and safety of our young puppies who are not yet fully vaccinated or just contamination. 

Blue Bathroom
Modern Living Room Interior
Beautiful Private House in the Suburb