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" The Celebrity x Bondi Kid's"

Special mention has to be made of our four stunning examples of truly magical Australian Labradoodles which were from our very special girl "Kiwi Celebrity's" very last litter. We truly made the mixture on this cake one of complete perfection!


Celebrity and Bondi are by far the most majestic dog's we could have hoped to honeymoon together and because of this we decided to keep four girls from this litter to breed on with who truly represent Celebrity! All of these girls below have been named after super stars and have our wonderful Celebrities glorious caring nature and stunning beautiful fleece coats. (You will also find a truly regal boy named Cruise on our boys page who has equally as stunning qualities!) All of these beautiful dogs passed their health testing with amazingly fantastic scores and this helps to secure healthy puppies being born in the future! Two other litter mates traveled to Singapore together and have become best friends who visit each other on regular occasions!

Kiwi Pride Celebrity's Madonna

Happily Retired




Our beautiful girl Madonna is truly a pop princess.  She is a magnificent example of a 100% beatifully natured labradoodle, who is a delight in every way. To own a dog of this nature is a blessing that given we get to cuddle everyday we are indeed the lucky ones!


Madonna is health tested with wonderfully low results and we hope to see some babies sometime in 2014!

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Madonna's 1st litter.

Kiwi Pride Celebrity's Pink

Happily Retired

Pink a dink! This young lady is the court jester, she is a fun spunky bum with also 100% soft as shell nature. A simply majestic dog with a fun loving personality! Perfection in every way this girl's stunning non shedding fleece coat is truly the best you can get in the world of labradoodles and we simply cannot wait to see what this lovely girl produces for our families.


Health testing completed to another very high standard, we do look forward to babies in 2014 from this wonderful wonderful girl!




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Pink's babies .

Kiwi Pride Celebrity's Fergie

Happily Retired




Fergie is known as the quiet one of the group and although as equally as affectionate as her sisters, Fergie is just happy to go along with what is happening and is a very straight forward, loving natured dog.  Again with all of her mum's and dad's beautiful natured attributes and magnificant non shedding soft fleece coat she again is a truly wonderful example of a true Australian Labradoodle, one in which we are very proud to have in our program!


Health testing completed with fantastic results, we hope to see babies from this yummy young lady in 2014.

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Beautiful puppy from Fergie 1st Litter

Kiwi Pride Celebrity's Ga Ga

Miss Ga Ga! With most likely the most charasmatic personality of the group Ga Ga has been quite unique from when she was just a young puppy and would commonly be away from the group exploring and being independant. One day Ga Ga managed to get a bee sting on her nose because she had her head in the middle of a bush where she most likely shouldnt of been visiting!  She had a swollen face for a few days and it looked very comical! A love sponge Ga Ga loves a good cuddle and it makes it easy to do things with her because she truly trusts you!


Looking forwards to babies 2014 with again another set of wonderful results from her health tests!

"Ga Ga"



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Gaga's 1st litter.

Kiwi Pride Miss Cinnamon


AKA "Cindy"

Cindy is a very cheeky young lady with a lot of character!


This young lady is truly sent to offer you her jester like attributes to keep you laughing and to keep you entertained!


This combination of blood line has created a very genuine soft natured line of dood's for us, along with her unique rare phantom colouring we look forward to offspring from this wee lady with a lot of enthusiasm!

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