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Essential, cheerful, simple.

  • Anodised aluminium
  • Made from non-allergenic materials
  • Made in Italy
  • Available in different colours

Measurements: 3.8cm x 2.5cm


Engraved on one side : I'm A Genuine Kiwi Pride Labradoodle


Included is high quality laser engraving


There are only 2 custom fields we can add on this website for the reverse side, we recomend your dogs name on one line and your phone number on the second line,  as putting your address or personal details puts your home at risk to intruders.


If you would like to add more information than the two lines on the reverse, use the two custom fields provided but write these details starting with the words "Line 1" ( then put information) and "Line 2" ( then put information) in the first box and then in the second box copy the same format but use "Line 3"( then put information) and "Line 4" ( then put information) , this will then explain to us at our end how you would like the wording on the tag.


Remember it has to fit on the tag so there is a limit of 15 letters per line, but honestly it looks alot better with less :) .

My Family Tags - Large Circle In Several Colours

Different Colours
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